When I was in high school… I always had a camera with me.  I took so many photos that my friends called me “mom”.  I never realized that all those years, I was slowly developing my deep love for capturing the world around me.  Fast forward 20 years (I am SO old)… I have narrowed my focus to photograph interior spaces and I have finally found my true calling.  I love interiors.  I love design.  Much like my love for many styles of music, I also have a true appreciation for all types of design.

As my client, I use my camera to show the best side of you and your design.  Whether it be a home, a living room, a commercial space, a product, etc. I will always keep in mind how your space is best photographed.  In the end, these images will help develop your brand, and further build your growing business.  These images will grab the eye of a potential client or publication and develop a strong message of who you are as a designer, builder, architect or artist.

I look forward to working together in furthering your brand, growing your portfolio and most of all, getting to know you because a girl can never have too many friends.  😉

August 29, 2018

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